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Drawtape garbage bags loose, without paper band

 This line of drawtape bags include loose products, without packaging (without paper band): selling unit is the carton.

All the bags are opaque black, low cost, available for home and office use and for general waste collection. 

All the bags have a practical and strong drawtape, are produced with 100% recycled polyethylene and are therefore eco-friendly.
Thanks to the handy drawtape these bags are:
fast to close
easy to be transported
very hygienic because the drawtape at the top of the bag let the user not to touch the liquids at the bottom of the bag
The reinforced side sealings can grant an anti-leakage product and the drawtapes offer a 20% capacity more than the bags without drawtape because there is no waste of film at the top of the bag when the bag gets closed 

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