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Production of drawtape refuse sacks

We introduce our full range of flexible packaging products: our production ranges from refuse bags with and without drawtape to mulching sheets and sheets for greenhouses and furniture, drawtape liners for cat litter trays, very practical and comfortable to use. Our whole production range is Made in Italy and 100% environment-friendly.

Drawtape garbage bags

Garbage bags line with handy and strong yellow drawtapes, produced with 100% recycled polyethylene that allows to manufacture an environment- and eco-friendly bag in respect to the nature

Drawtape garbage bags in display boxes

The display box offers a practical solution for the sale in the retail shops, thanks to high definition images and small-sized packaging

Drawtape garbage bags loose, without paper band

 This line of drawtape bags include loose products, without packaging (without paper band): selling unit is the carton

Refuse bags, without drawtape

This line only includes refuse bags, mostly black, without drawtape: they are alsoproduced  with 100% recycled polyethylene

Refuse bags with and without drawtape, for separated waste collection

This line includes all kinds of refuse bags for separated waste collection, for each container size, from the big ones suitable for apartment houses to the smallest one for home use, with different thicknesses according to different uses, in different colours (transparent and transparent coloured  that is violet-, yellow-, blue-transparent)

Drawtape liners for cat litter trays

We are proud to introduce our patented liners for cat litter trays

Protective greenhouse film

We produce transparent polyethylene protective film, UV stabilized, with a thickness of 48 µ, suitable to different uses such as for small tunnels in vegetables garden and flooring / furniture protection

PE mulching film

Our mulching film for agricultural use is produced as LDPE black sheets with a high thickness that allows to hold sun energy and heat the ground: thanks to their characteristics they can control umidity level and stop light passing through and growing of weeds: thanks to our mulching film you can avoid to use chemical products to weed, the vegetables remains clean and the harvest is quicker

Transparent covering film for clothes dryer

We produce transparent covering film for clothes dryer, in polyethylene 60 µ thick, to be used to protect your laundry from any kind of dust, liquids, pollution, humidity and bad weather

Multi purpose covering film in polyethylene

Our range of multiuse covering and protective film in transparent polyethylen is so wide that you can find the right solution for each kind of use thanks for the thickness from 25 µ to 35 µ and thanks to the different sizes of sheets: for domestic and outdoor use, for DIY and professional jobs

Camping and trekking film

For trekking and camping followers we produce a special polyethylene film: all our waterproof, environment-friendly and extra strong sheets are suitable to be trampled on and do not damage the outdoor locations where they are used

Table covering film

We produce polyethylene white table covering film, waterproof and environment-friendly, suitable to protect the tables from dust, water, food, painting, leaves and bad weather conditions, homeworks or under-tableclothes for home and garden

Illustrated PDF catalogs


2012 catalogue: film sheets on a roll

The new range of recycled polyethylene sheets on aroll suitable for any use

2015 catalogue

Refuse bags on a roll, with and without drawtape, in outer brown or display cartons!