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Our production

POLIMER is specialized in the production of refuse bin liners and sacks, with and without drawtape

Our production cycle is based on brand new and highly advanced technologies that allow a radical filtration of RECYCLED MATERIALS to obtain the HIGHEST QUALITY with the BEST ENERGY-SAVING

Our production capacity is about 130 million bags a year, available for production under PRIVATE LABEL, too.

POLIMER has been developing efficient, effective and economic solutions that can match the highest international standards according to the requirements of every local market.

The most important goal of the company is to reach market's requirements thanks to its RELIABILITY AND EXPERIENCE.

POLIMER policy aiming at a constant improvement of the quality makes the difference: POLIMER production is characterized by a high standard quality, exported abroad, too and by the use of technological up-to-date production lines.

For over 45 years the company has been developing business relationships with the most European countries, thanks to its reliability and care.