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Welcome to Polimer Italia website

Customized production of refuse bin liners and sacks, with and without drawtapes, manufactured with 100% recycled material, suitable for every need of waste collection.

POLIMER s.r.l. has been operating in the market of flexible packaging for over 45 years: we can offer all the knowledge acquired to solve small and great problems.

Our production ranges over a wide variety of refuse bags with plenty of uses, such for example separated waste collection, leaves and woods collection in the garden, house and industrial use: everywhere waste has been creating, at home or office, in the industry,  hotels and restaurants, there will be always the right Polimer refuse bag to use.

Our latest production includes polyethylene cover sheets for greenhouses, tables, vegetable gardens, floor and furniture.

Strong point of our production is the wide range of refuse bags with and without drawtapes: our bags can match every container's size, from the small ones for domestic and office use to the big ones for industries and apartment houses.

All our liners and sacks are environment-friendly, they are completely recycled, manufactured only in our factory based in Italy: our products are 100% made in Italy and are studied for the needs and requirements of the waste collection.